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Springfield College’s Clarissa Nguyen uses Instagram to sell unique fashion items at a reasonable price

By Amanda Hitchcock

Everyone knows about the stigma of young broke college kids. While it is hard to be a full-time student and balance a job, Clarissa Nguyen, a Springfield College junior, has a “side hustle” as she puts it, of selling original creations and preloved items for cheap on Instagram.

You can find her Instagram closet @shop.clarissaaa. With over 400 items sold through her platform, she makes it easy and sustainable to get new clothes

Nguyen makes time to put up new clothes almost every week and does it all with a smile on her face and the most optimistic attitude around.

Nguyen is in the Physician Assistant program at Springfield and she works two jobs at a local Pediatrician’s office and at the local hospital in her hometown of Simsbury, Conn.

Along with these full time demands, she still puts clothing up on her closet account as a side hustle to help other people get new clothes that stay in their price range.

Getting a new outfit that meets all the up and coming trends of the fast fashion industry is not easy for many students who can’t afford to buy new clothes all the time. Having other college students who sell clothes not only helps the environment, but also helps students stay in the now at a reasonable price.

Her account started when she was a senior in high school, to get rid of her old clothes when moving into college. At Springfield, Nguyen kept her closet account a total secret, even from her roommate. “I didn’t know what people would think or say about me with the account,” she said.

Most of her orders are placed from people she knows from school or home, but some do come from all over the country because she does ship and provide tracking information for the buyer.

With the handmade creations portion of her account, Nguyen finds inspiration from new trends or stores where she knows her mom can make the same items. “I think it’s definitely a lost art, and people forget where they came from, so it’s cool having something that connects me to my heritage.”

Her family is originally from Vietnam and they have a knack for making homemade items like scrunches and headbands that started way before Nguyen was born.

When her account first got started back in April of 2019 ,she was just trying to get rid of clothing like other students in her school. With many different accounts that started, only a few are still up and running she explained.

The closet account community is very friendly and helps each other out when one experiences something awful, such as a customer takes the clothing article and not paying the seller. Nguyen talked about how Closet accounts are there to help one another by giving advice on how to get more followers and more buyers.

“My mom is really creative but doesn’t have a spark. So, when I have an idea to I bring it up to her and my mom just knows how to make it, my mom is the mechanics behind the creations overall. I think working on the handmade creations have brought me and my mom closer together.”

Go check out her account @shop.clarissaaa for sustainable fashion in everyone’s budget!

Photo Courtesy of shop.clarrissaaa Instagram

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