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Springfield College’s Giving Day aims to raise money for the Pride community

Grace Berry
Staff Writer

Throughout the United States, thousands of students apply for financial aid in order to pay for their costly college expenses. However, close to no one is met with enough government aid to pay for everything.

What is the solution that can help this problem? Giving Day.

As of last year, Giving Day is a challenge posed by the campus of Springfield College to raise a certain amount of money to give back to the school. During this 24 hour fundraiser that will be held on March 1, donations will be able to be given to the Springfield College Fund, Friends of East Campus, and Friends of SC Athletics.

To get more students involved in the donation process, some interesting incentives have been put into place this year. Some of the smaller prizes include Beats headphones, two tickets to the Senior formal, and an East Campus package with gear and a backpack.

However, the grand prize this year is a day with the campus’ most beloved dog Jack at President Mary-Beth Cooper’s house. The winner of this prize will be able to spend an entire day with the presidential chocolate lab, and even have dinner with President Cooper herself. But, the only way to be in contention for these prizes is to donate a minimum of 10 dollars.

Although the main portion of donations come from alumni, Paige Moran, a first year graduate student and an integral part of Giving Day, couldn’t emphasize enough how important students are in the giving process, too.

“So many of our students are here because an incredible alum has given a scholarship for them to be here. When alums see that students want to give back as well, it means more to them, And I think it’s really cool to have students know where money goes when it goes back to the institution. “

The are so many different ways to give to Springfield College, but Giving Day is special. In the past, the donation process was a month long, and was called the March Challenge. After realizing that many other schools were accomplishing more in just one day, a new process was adopted.  

“The whole reason for it being just one day is that we knew we could hype up a day. There were challenges we could do, and more incentives we could do for students and alums. We just felt that a whole day would promote more camaraderie than a whole month would,” explained Moran.

A new edition to the second annual Giving Day is that it will be going on the same time as the Campus Activities Board’s bingo. Because there will be a donation center downstairs in the Union, the giving day staff felt it was appropriate that the student body could be present at the end of the night to see the final donation total. Along with the normal bingo prizes, there will also be specialty themed Giving Day prizes to go along with the day’s theme.

If you would like to give to one of the charities involved in Giving Day and be entered to win a prize, there are many ways to go about it. You can mail a check to Springfield College before Feb. 28, go online to from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on March 1, you can call 800-622-6072, or visit the Giving Day Headquarters in the basement of the Campus Union from 8:00 a.m. to 11:59 on March 1.


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