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Springfield College’s Jack Portlock made valuable connections during his internship with the New Hampshire Fischer Cats this summer

Kevin Gaiss

Opportunity. Something that just about every college student spends four years looking for in order to gain a competitive edge when the time comes to apply for full time jobs. For many, summer internships become just that.

Springfield College students understand the importance of internships and what they can mean for their future careers beyond an education. Jack Portlock, a Senior here at Springfield College, has seized an opportunity presented two years ago and taken full advantage of all that an internship has to offer.

“I was looking for internships somewhere close to home that had to do with baseball and I found out the New Hampshire Fisher Cats had an Ambassador program and it fit all my qualifications so I decided to give it a shot.”

It was that shot that lead Portlock to two years of involvement with the team.

“The first summer was more of the business side of things, I got the chance to work with the players and I had office hours and I got to work with administration more than I thought I was going to.”

Although this alone would have been a great opportunity, this past summer Portlock had the opportunity to return in a new position this past summer.

“I was invited back but this time as a production assistant. I got to control a program called Show Control, which allows me access to everything you see on the video board and LEDs in the stadium.” Explained Portlock, “I enjoyed this summer so much more because as a production assistant, I had more opportunity to get involved with the fans and create a welcoming and fun family atmospheres.”

Although this is not the exact line of work that he would like to go into, it allows him to get his food in the door on the professional baseball scene.

“I definitely know I want to get more into the realm of scouting or player development when it comes time to do this for a career, but I also know that what I was able to accomplish here and the connections and friendships that I made will definitely allow me to only get where I want to be faster.”

Professional baseball is no easy career to get into, even when you are not on the field playing. But, with experiences like he has had, and a company like the New Hampshire Fisher Cats backing you up, Jack Portlock has great potential and a bright career in the field of baseball ahead. Not to mention he also is headed to Disney World in January for their college internship program.

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