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Springfield College’s TAG Day on March 3: Thank a giver

Collin Atwood

Alumni from Springfield College do so much for the campus community and most people do not even realize it. They fund tuition for some students at the school and have gifted Springfield College many facilities including the Irv Schmid Sports Complex, the lacrosse office, baseball office, ability field and much more.  

To recognize the alumni, the alumni relations office at Springfield College is throwing the school’s very first Thank A Giver (TAG) Day. 

On Tuesday, March 3, the school will be celebrating TAG Day by posting around 80 “tags” around campus with a message on it that is specific to its location. “The concept behind it is to educate students, faculty and staff on the power of philanthropy on campus through our daily lives,” Samantha Morris-Avery, assistant director of alumni relations said. 

This is a day to give thanks to those who have graduated from Springfield College, but continued to support and better the college. This is also a day to thank those who did not attend Springfield College, but still show their support by funding facilities that are used by the school everyday.  Their dedication and contribution is greatly appreciated.

“I think it’s to share the power of thank you and how important that is in a family,” Director of Alumni Relations Tamie Kidess Lucey said. “I also think it’s to demonstrate to students the power of philanthropy,” she added. 

Following TAG Day at Springfield College is Giving Day, and there will be a table that also allows people to give thanks. “Our Student Alumni Association will be hosting a table in the lobby of the union, so we are encouraging students to stop by and sign thank you notes,” Morris-Avery said.

The notes will be in the shape of the tags that will be seen around campus on TAG Day. “If they feel inclined and impacted by that particular facility or concept then they can write a thank you to a donor,” Morris-Avery stated. Once someone writes a thank you note, they will receive a carnation to give to someone of their choice in the spirit of Giving Day and TAG Day. 

There will be many chances to give thanks on campus, starting on Tuesday, and hopefully everyone takes advantage. “You can’t say thank you too many times to too many people,” Lucey said. 

Photo Courtesy Collin Atwood

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