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Springfield College’s Unity Fest brings together student body of all types

By Stephen Monahan

Opening a window in Alumni, the very faint sound of Reggae music could be heard in the distance. As one walks towards the Union building on campus, the Reggae music becomes louder as a bunch of tents appear on the grass outside.

Approaching the tents, a crowd of people in tie dye colored shirts are spread among the area setting up different stations. Felicia R. Lundquist, Director of Multicultural Affairs, is at the array of food tables talking to one of the students that is working for her.

There a variety of foods from vegetable rice, to flautas, to plantain, to give a range of flavors for students to pick from. There are different foods from cultures around the world to expose people to different things to allow them to learn more about the history behind specific foods.

The office of Multicultural Affairs put on Unity Fest this past Saturday to unify students together through food, music and other activities.

“Each year, the office of Multicultural Affairs from colleges in the Springfield area get together to throw two large events,” said Lundquist. “This day is more of a festival where we have activities and food from all over the world the different schools bring. We have different games and talk about the history of those games to build unity among colleges.”

Turning back towards the main area of the Fest, one would come across a table with dj equipment being played by a dj AV. “I came to doing this event because there was a dj contest at last year’s Unity Fest and I was asked to do this year’s event,” said AV.  

Music was being played in the background of activities such as Jenga, tick tac toe, connect four and double dutch. “Music can unify everyone because there are so many genres of music that can bring people together,” said AV.

A look around would find other tables that were set up for things such as the event registration table and voter registration tables.As food was being served, people started to socialize and a sense of unity was felt among the crowd.

“I brought my best friend from college, since we both go to Hampshire college,” said Charisse Delvecchio. “We did not have events like this at school so to see all of these communities genuinely come together and form new and strong friendships is heartwarming.”

With Unity Fest being a success by many standards for the office of Multicultural Affairs, look towards the Spring Semester for the second day of Unity Fest on campus.

Featured photo courtesy of Springfield College Division of Inclusion and Community Engagement 

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