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Springfield golf competes at the 84th NIEGA Championships in Cape Cod

Evan Wheaton

It’s been a long fall season, and the Springfield College golf team concluded it on Oct. 22. After two weeks of preparation, the Pride took on the 84th NIEGA Championships at The Captain’s Course in Cape Cod, Mass.

The first round of the competition saw the Pride in 18th place out of 23 schools by the end of the day with 335 combined strokes.

“We started to run out of gas by the end of the season,” said head coach Joe Eadie. “We plan to pick up in the spring where we left off, playing good.”

Another factor that may be taken into account is the weather. The first day of the NIEGA Championships was a chilly 40-degree environment with 20 mph winds. The weather was noticeably better the following day, where the Pride put up better numbers.

Junior Mike Strong, who remained very consistent all season, posted a 78 after handing in an 80 the previous day. Finishing +14 with 158 strokes, Strong tied for 19th place out of 114 total players in the event.

“Mike (Strong) is the heart and soul of this team,” Eadie said on Strong’s consistency. “Corey (Roya) is starting to come into his own [too].”

Roya, the sole freshman on the team, posted a two-day total of 165, having put up 78 in the first round. He’s also qualified and traveled to every single event this fall.

“This season has been really good, I didn’t really know what to expect in the beginning,” Roya said. “After the first few weeks I knew we had a good team. I knew I made the right choice in coming to Springfield.”

Ironically, Roya played significantly better in the rough weather conditions as he finished the first round tied with eight other players for 17th place out of 114.

“It was extremely tough,” Roya said on the weather. “I remember waking up Sunday morning in the hotel room knowing it’d be tough.”

Roya has seen a lot of success this fall, and he claims to owe a lot of it to Eadie and Strong.

“The two have been great. Coach has helped me in course management situations. He brought me to a course just the two of us to work on things. Mike (Strong) is a team leader and we’re all happy to have him.”

The Pride will hold meetings and workouts throughout the break, and pick up again in the spring where they’ll play in three events and hope to get a bid in the nationals.

Photo courtesy of Springfield Athletics

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