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Springfield post office temporary relocates

Nichole Maisto

On Monday, Nov. 6, the Springfield College campus post office was closed due to flooding caused by recent rainstorms. The basement of Locklin Hall is where the office regularly resides, but it has since been relocated in an effort to repair the damage.

Though they have experienced flooding in the past, rarely has it come close to this extreme. Post office supervisor of 19 years, Joyce Cain, confirms this statement, admitting that it is not her first time having leaky walls and a wet rug in her place of work.

“Unfortunately, the water came through the walls and window wells. The rug on the floor has water damage, and I know removing the sheetrock to prevent molding is what is taking up time now. This is why we were required to relocate for the time being,” Cain said.

A speedy relocation and opening of the temporary office in the Library Annex went into full effect the next day at 8 a.m. The Annex is located on the corner of Sheffield and Hickory street, opposite from International Hall. This makeshift location is described as a compromise for both staff and students.

Sophomore Leah Michaud has been working for the office for two years now and this is the first time she’s seen something like this happen. Michaud is currently working in the new office, and was also a part of the transition process.

“The move was definitely not something we looked forward to, as no one would. For both the reasons of moving of our materials, but also the lack of convenience for students,” Michaud said. “The location is further, and within a day of reopening I know many have already struggled with being able to locate it.”

Freshman Kyle Holman visited the annex on Wednesday after receiving a package, and although he eventually found his way, being somewhat unfamiliar with the campus layout proved to add a level of difficulty.

“Since I’m a freshman, I’ve only recieved mail twice since being here, and the first time I picked it up in Locklin. The relocation is understandable and wasn’t a major problem, but I did have a hard time finding it on campus, and it is especially far from my dorm,” Holman said.

Though the office workers have been through their fair share of struggles, Cain shares that this has opened her eyes to some possible new and better opportunities – possibly even a blessing in disguise.

“The transition was not easy, but we have only been here for one day and are already settling in just fine. This new work space actually accommodates better for us as a staff because it is bigger, and we are all able to work in one room,” said Cain. “I would be interested in staying here, or relocating here in the future.”

The office and its staff are planning on moving back to the basement of Locklin in December. Precautions are now being taken during the renovations to avoid flooding in the future. The current hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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