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Springfield professor releases new multimedia project

By River Mitchell

Professor of Communications at Springfield College Fadia Nordtveit released the pilot episode of her new multimedia project on Oct. 10.

The project, a show titled “Talking Out Of Line,” aims to tackle problems in today’s world around DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging). The show is currently in its first season and eight episodes have been released so far. “Talking Out Of Line” has also grabbed the attention of different media companies such as Amherst Media, Northampton Media, Cambridge CCTV, Manhattan News Network and more.

Two of Nordtveit’s students, senior Aiden Fitzpatrick and sophomore Alberto Martinez, have been working alongside her to help lift the show off the ground and produce the episodes. Fitzpatrick, who is the editor, co-producer, and co-host, plays a key role in the production. The same goes for Martinez, who does all the scriptwriting and research for each show. Both of their efforts have been very much appreciated by Nordtveit, as without the two of them, “Talking Out Of Line” would not be the project that it is.

“It’s been amazing,” Nordtveit said. “I couldn’t have been happier.”

This project was originally supposed to be a hybrid production, with some of the production in person and some remote. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nordtveit was forced to shift gears and do the entire production remotely. However, for Nordtveit, this would be the best thing to happen to her show.

“It opened me up to guests from around the world that are super famous,” Nordtveit said. “I’d be going over budget paying for travel…because of the remote production process, I have been able to get guests that I can only dream of.” Some of the guests that Nordveit has had on her show have included two-time Emmy-award winning filmmaker and director of The Social Dilemma Jeff Orlowski-Yang, CEO of Front Row Productions Alia Jones Harvey; and civil rights spokesperson, artist, and businessman Pops Peterson, and more.

Martinez and Fitzpatrick have also both enjoyed working on this project, and have plenty of praise for Nordtveit.

“I liked her as a teacher,” Fitzpatrick said. “She was teaching us really cool stuff.”

“I never thought I would be this close with my professor for this long,” Martinez said. “You really get to build a connection.”

Now that the first season is complete, Nordtveit is eyeing a potential second season of the show, which would air some time in 2024. However, even with the continued production of “Talking Out Of Line,” the door is far from closed when it comes to creating another multimedia production.

“That is one of the reasons I was hired here at Springfield College,” Nordtveit said. “My dream is to have a multimedia lab at Springfield where we can actually put together a budget and get people a role in building productions like this.”

Overall, for Nordtveit and her students, this has been an extremely rewarding project especially when they look back at where they started, and where they are now.

“It has been stressful,” Nordtveit said. “But it has been very, very rewarding.”

To watch “Talking Out Of Line,” go to

Photo Courtesy Aiden Fitzpatrick

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