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Springfield Strength and Conditioning receives national accreditation

By Sean Savage

Springfield College: the Birthplace of Basketball and a school renowned for athletic excellence. Specifically, Springfield’s Strength and Conditioning program excelled rapidly and has been persistently blossoming since its foundation in 1885.

One may ask: where is the proof?

Well, Springfield had its undergraduate and graduate Strength and Conditioning programs earn accreditation from the Council on Accreditation of Strength and Conditioning Education (CASCE).

CASCE accreditation signals dedication to the highest standards of excellence, credibility, and professionalism. Moreover, they recognize the safety for educational institutions, strength and conditioning students, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist professionals along with their athletes.

To further attest to the profound degree, the graduate program is the first in the nation to achieve this accreditation status. The undergraduate program joins one of four programs nationwide.

“Our strength and conditioning program at both levels have been ahead of the curb,” said Sue Guyer, Dean of the School of Physical Education. “They have always been frontrunners in both the academic arena and the real world.”

Through the program, students have the chance to participate in clinicals and have hands-on experience early on. They also get to work with all different athletes, ranging from the professional level as well as Division I, II and III collegiate athletes.

“This is what separates our program,” Guyer said.

In a recent interview with Springfield College, one of Springfield’s stellar alumni, Kelly Dormandy, also vouched for the program through her own experience.

“Without Springfield College, I think it is safe to say that I would not be where I am today and for the past 12 years,” she said. “I gained an incredible education. But more importantly, I gained practical experience, and I think that was the game changer.”

Her years at Springfield College propelled her into landing a job with the University of Georgia as the Assistant Strength & Conditioning coach for soccer.

Every student in the program takes what they learn from the textbook in class and then applies it simultaneously.

Another graduate, Daniel Vega, used the program to its full potential.

Vega said in an interview with the College that the Springfield Strength and Conditioning program has really prepared himself for life outside of school.

He wrapped up his seventh season working in professional baseball. For his first six seasons he worked in the minor leagues with the St. Louis Cardinals. However, this past season, he worked for the Milwaukee Brewers – this also marked his first year working in the MLB.

“There is an advantage being a Springfield College alum. The field is saturated with them, you can go out and make so many connections,” Vega told Springfield College.

In a separate interview with Triangle Stories, Elizabeth O’Neill, the Director of Applied Exercise Science, added her sixth-sense: “Obtaining this credential speaks volumes to the rigor and preparation our program provides undergraduate students,” she said.

Springfield faculty should not be overlooked. The staff is always cutting-edge and remains attentive to how trends impact the profession. As a result, the program does a great job of adapting to what is happening in the field. Additionally, they stay on top of new innovative technology.

“We have excellent faculty. They make sure our students are trained really well,” Guyer said.
“This award is confirmation to the community we have built.”

Guyer concluded: “Now, to be able to have nationwide recognition, it really helps spread the word across the nation itself.”

Springfield College Strength and Condition is no longer just being recognized in-house, they are beginning to shine all across the United States and beyond.

Photo Courtesy of Springfield College Athletics

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