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Springfield Student Petitions to Open for Spring Concert

Alison Izzi
Staff Editor

grady bergin
Photo courtesy of Grady Bergin.

The recent buzz at Springfield College is the release of who will be performing at this year’s spring concert. Popular “Buy U a Drank” singer T-Pain and up and coming rapper Lil Dicky are the performers that will turn SC into a roar of pop culture and rap music. There is, however, a particular Springfield student who has already hit various areas of campus with his electronic dance music.

Grady Bergin, a senior on campus, is jumpstarting a career for himself in the music world as a DJ, and he has a clear passion for creating feel-good and turn-up music for his listeners. Many may remember his work back at the Midnight Breakfast before winter break. After catching flying pancakes and gobbling down donuts, a dance-off broke out next to Cheney’s salad bar to Bergin’s catchy beats. People were jamming out on chairs, tables, stair railings and even while attempting to catch pancakes.

Bergin performs under the name G-Space and besides the breakfast, has performed numerous times on the union stage, including Halloween night, and December’s Live @ Lunch event. Thus far, Bergin has been highly successful on his quest for a musical career, as his original music is on both iTunes and Spotify under the name G-Space and he takes pride in the fact that all of his music was created with actual instruments and keyboards.
As Springfield has sampled much of his talents before, Bergin has a dream of opening for the performers at the spring concert and has started an online petition for students to show their support.

“I want to start a massive dance party at our Spring concert before the main acts go on,” said Bergin. He needs a community behind him to make it happen. 152 students have already signed the online petition in support of Bergin, and 50 of those students have shown support in comments on the page. Comments support Bergin by saying an SC student performer would make the concert echo though the campus in a very personal way, and that a huge opportunity would be missed for both Bergin and the school if G-space didn’t play. Others say G-Space is a superstar and identify with “team G-Space.”

The goal is for the petition to reach 1,000 signatures, and Bergin’s manager is currently in contact with the Office of Student Activities to promote G-Space and put him in the concert. The population of students pushing for G-Space is growing everyday, and who wouldn’t want an enormous and entertaining jam session before “Booty Wurk” and “$ave Dat Money” ring through the campus?

Go to to sign the petition and be part of the movement to help a beloved student hit the big stage and make this year’s spring concert yours.

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