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Springfield students meet professional sports writers at Hall of Fame press conference

Jack Margaros

My time at the Hall of Fame press conference last Thursday was truly one of the best experiences of my life. From a fan’s perspective, I got to talk to and be within arm’s reach of some of the greatest NBA players of all time. Basketball is not my first sport of choice, but I grew up watching Ray Allen, Steve Nash and Grant Hill. Now getting to talk to them and ask questions, that part in itself was incredible to say the least.

In addition to all that, I got to mingle with some of the top professional sports writers in this area and the entire country. Just observing them and seeing how they do their job, what kind of questions they ask; I learned a lot from that and got a first-hand look at the atmosphere of professional journalism.

This experience serves to me as motivation to keep working on my craft daily, because next time I attend an event like that could be as an employed reporter. Getting a taste of journalism at one of its highest levels makes me want to achieve that status. I can’t thank Marty enough for setting this up for all of us.

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