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Stage Kiss Balances Humor with Romance

Greg Fitzpatrick
Online Editor

The Springfield College visual and performing arts department has put together yet another must-see attraction. The play, Stage Kiss, will provide the campus community with quite the activity to do for this weekend.

Directed by the chairman of the VAPA department, Martin Shell, Stage Kiss has the theme and plot that can fully engage the audience.

Two long-lost actors have both coincidentally been casted into the same play. “He” is still heavily into acting while “she” has stopped her acting career for some time but has decided to give it another try.

“He”, played by Ryan Dearing, has a care-free type of attitude and lives in the moment. “She” played by Jasmine Jiles, are both forced to put behind their past romance which ended badly from years ago and work together in this play. “He” and “She” will have to kiss each other in rehearsal and in the play, which adds in the comedy aspect to the play. The consistent kissing brings in a conflict as to if they will re-kindle their relationship.

“I think it gives a very touching and honest story about what happens when two people were in love,” said Dearing.

As romantic and passionate love comes into the play between “he” and “she”, routine love comes into play, making it quite the mystery.

It becomes a backstage comedy as other characters appear in “Stage Kiss”. Director Adrian Schwalbach, which is played by Ryan Louis, is very passionate about the play they are making.

In all, “Stage Kiss” provides many predicaments throughout. The great balance of humor and romance is sure to keep the audience intrigued.

The individuals behind the making of this play are certain that the Springfield College community will be getting a treat by attending “Stage Kiss”.

“There are seven student actors in the production doing quite a good job,” said Shell. “It’s fun watching people try to make theater happen, in a way that’s part of the fun of it.”

Stage Kiss will be performed on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 pm and at 2 pm on Sunday. Tickets are $2 for Springfield College students and $5 for general admission and senior citizens.

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