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Stay Healthy, Springfield College

Andrew Gutman
Features Editor

Sometimes the late nights and freedom to do or eat whatever you want can lead to a few unwanted pounds. While the freshman 15 is a myth, weight gain is not uncommon, I myself gained 30 from the start of freshman year to the beginning of junior year! Here are a few tips to help you keep the pounds away.

1) Write down what you eat: This may seem a little extreme, but trust me it isn’t that bad. With apps like “myfitnesspal” out it is so convenient to write down what you eat and even track your calories. By doing this you will be accountable for everything you eat, which will make you think twice about eating certain things. If this still seems like a little much then try doing it just for a week or two until you get into a good rhythm of eating by feel, although I track my calories every day. Also, for the gentlemen who may want to bulk up a little, tracking your calories is just as useful. Take it from me you probably don’t realize how much you are “under eating” until you track your calories.

2) Make time for the gym: This one seems obvious, mainly because it is. I know a lot of us are very busy, but if you really try there is always time for the gym. I myself wake up at 6:10 every morning, get in the gym at 6:30 and get out by 7:30 just in time to eat, shower and get off to class. If you are new to the gym try going three times a week with a basic program. The exercise will help you physically, and mentally too!

3) Load up on veggies: Veggies are high in fiber and will keep you full for a long time with virtually no calories. Not to mention that they are packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Make sure to get all your colors in as well.

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