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Steve Carra Takes a Leap Forward Filling SGA Opening

Josh Ernst

Opinions Editor

The Student Government Association’s Executive Board is organized with six vice presi­dents who all have separate responsibilities, and the SGA President, Kristina Dupuis. As the second semester starts, a change has taken place on the Executive Board. Vice Presi­dent of Student Affairs Carl­ton Gill stepped down from his position at the end of the fall semester and has been replaced with sophomore Steve Carra.

Carra is excited to start his new role in the SGA. The sophomore has served as a class senator up until this point.

“I just had my first meeting yesterday and I am starting to further understand my posi­tion and how much I can impact Springfield College to make it a better place,” said Carra.

Gill cited several reasons for stepping down, including per­sonal reasons and the need to focus on his studies. Gill’s deci­sion came as a surprise to many in the SGA.

“I was pretty shocked at first; however, I am thrilled to have Steve on the board with us now,” said President Dupuis. “I feel as though he will be an awe­some addition to the group and he has a lot to offer to SGA as a whole.”

The vice president of stu­dent affairs has a large amount of responsibility. Their main duties include working closely with the administration and the rest of the executive board to address any student concerns on campus. Carra will work with the Division of Student Affairs during his tenure.

“Their job is to oversee stu­dent concerns directly by work­ing alongside Dr. Braverman to help solve the problems that the student body brings up,” said President Dupuis.

As the vice president of stu­dent affairs, Carra also spear­heads the election process. Working in conjunction with the rest of the executive board and SGA, the vice president of student affairs promotes inter­est in the Student Government elections and to get students to vote.

The vice president of stu­dent affairs heads up a commit­tee, as do all the vice presidents, to help him in his position. This committee is made up of a cross section of student government, featuring different classes and senators. These committees help take the strain off the vice presidents as they perform their duties.

“This role is very important because of the direct contact involved with the students and their concerns,” said President Dupuis. “As VPSA (Vice Presi­dent of Student Affairs), Steve will be meeting with much of the faculty and administra­tion to resolve these problems and will utilize his committee within SGA to help him accom­plish their goals and also run elections within the next few months.”

SGA is always interested in hearing students’ concerns and doing their best to work with the administration to come up with solutions. Carra is only one part of the hardworking group of students in the Student Gov­ernment Association.

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