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Stinson’s Movie Corner: The Cabin in the Woods

Tyler Stinson

Staff Writer 

When you see a movie for the first time, you expect many things. Based on the trailer and word of mouth, you usually have a good sense of what you are about to witness. However, with The Cabin in the Woods, you will have a hard enough time giving the film a genre, let alone guessing what will happen next.

With five stereotypical teenagers ready for a camping trip in the woods, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, as at first, the film seems to be a classic horror movie clone. Things get a little strange when you are shown very early in the flick that a secretive organization is watching over the teens and following their every move. Yet, knowing this does not ruin the movie, as you will feel exactly as I felt from 10 minutes in until the end. That feeling is an inability to even remotely guess what is about to happen next and a burning need to figure it out. The pure unpredictability mixed with a few slightly scary moments is where The Cabin in the Woods gets a thumbs-up from me. Along with the infusion of some comedy, this movie is a masterfully-crafted creation that gets away from the box office norm.

While the acting is sometimes awkward, the characters all have their funny moments as they jokingly draw you away from the plot’s true intentions. The plot’s intentions are very simple: to make the viewer say, “What the heck is going on?” while giving away little bits as it progresses.

In a movie market where films are predictable while still entertaining, going into The Cabin in the Woods thinking it’s a horror movie is way off. I would call it one part horror, one part comedy, one part conspiracy and a little sci-fi. If you think you can pin down what happens now, don’t be too sure. Everything boils down to a chaotic end scene that you couldn’t imagine. While you sit back and ponder what the heck is going on, you realize you’re having a completely different movie experience, and while nothing may make sense, the entertainment factor is there.

Take a chance and go see The Cabin in the Woods. Whether you want a horror experience or a perfectly confusing anarchy-filled movie, The Cabin in the Woods is the most exciting place to go this spring. Pack your bags and place your bets for a thrill ride unlike any other.

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