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Stinson’s Movie Review: Immortals

Tyler Stinson

Staff Writer 

From the producers of the film 300, Immortals brings an exhilarating thrill ride to the mythical story of Theseus. When the previews for this one came out, it was difficult to hold back excitement. With the same art direction as 300 and a brand new story, there was no reason to skip out.

Immortals plays out as a story of one mortal man chosen by Zeus to lead his people against a tyrant, the power-hungry King Hyperion. Mickey Rourke, who played Hyperion, did a wonderfully convincing job of being the scariest dude on the planet. Nailing the villain roll, Rourke dialed it up on the psycho scale and made for an incredibly intimidating character. Theseus’ character is nothing special however, as the hero remained plain and uninteresting.

The story is easy enough to follow and fans of mythology will love how the gods become an important part of the movie and are not ignored. The bread and butter of Immortals can be broken down into two things the movie does spectacularly. First, the movie is stunning to look at; visually striking is the only way to describe it. The scenery is revolutionary and something you will never experience from any other film. The colors of the movie and graphic animation are breathtaking and worth admission alone.

The second-best quality of Immortals is the amazingly fluent fighting scenes with epic moments that make you sit up in your seat and keep your eyes wide open.  With tons of stomach-turning gore that hypes the experience of war, and a crazy battle between gods and titans, the action in the movie is nonstop and is everything you would expect.

Overall, Immortals does not live up to the brass of 300, lacking the same shock value that 300 had when it came out. However, the movie is as entertaining of a “man movie” you can find and is fun every step of the way.

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