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Strong performances from Wilcox and the Pride defense push Springfield College football past Kean University, 28-8

Mateo Aycardi

The Springfield College football team cruised to a win on Saturday, as they rode Jordan Wilcox all the way to a 28-8 victory against the Kean University Cougars.

Wilcox, who tallied an astounding 223 rushing yards along with two rushing touchdowns and one receiving touchdown, consistently pounded the ball down the field for the Pride, rushing for a career game on the ground.

At the start of the game, Kean seemed to be controlling the pace of the game, as they drove down the field against The Pride’s defense thanks to a 53-yard run by Brian Matthews during the 12-minute mark of the first quarter.

However, the Cougars were unable to convert, as a false start penalty made it 3rd and 12 instead of 3rd and 7 from the 20-yard line.  

That’s when Wilcox took over.

Taking a handoff from quarterback Jack Eglintine, Wilcox took off for the edge of the line and barreled his way to a 51-yard touchdown that gave Springfield their very first lead of the game.  

“Wilcox is really good man,” junior defensive end Nick Giorgio commented. “When the offense and defense goes live in practice it’s always fun to do.”

Giorgio also commented on how the defense was able to keep their composure and give the Pride one of their most inspired defensive performances in a long time.

“Everyone was playing their assignments and dominating while doing so. Our defense is built around a group of individuals who hit hard and pursue the ball as hard as they can. A long week of practice also helped us dominate as we did on defense today.”

By the time halftime came along, Wilcox had already torched the Cougars’ defense for two touchdowns, and it seemed that Springfield’s offense could not be stopped. Along with a 14-0 lead, it seemed the defense was stepping up on some crucial plays and providing the perfect amount of pressure that could potentially lead to a shutout.

Then came the third quarter, where Wilcox showed off his pass-catching abilities. With a missed field goal by way of Springfield’s Christian Hummulock, Keane took over and drove for a short time before punting the ball back to the pride. The Pride, then, marched down the field when a big play arose.

With 3rd and 8 from Kean’s 8-yard line, quarterback Jack Eglintine performed a play-action pass and Wilcox was able to keep the pride energized with his first receiving touchdown of the year.

Giorgio had the big day on the stat sheet, but some players great play doesn’t show up on the box score.

“I think Nick Bainter, the sophomore center, really stepped up huge this game. A little undersized against that big Kean defensive line, but he stayed really tough and bullied their interior linemen all game.”

The Pride will look to continue their undefeated season next Saturday the 16th against Mount Ida in an away game that should be exciting to watch.

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