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Student Against Violence Everywhere host “Say Hey Day”

Graciela Garcia

The sun shined down after weeks of cold weather and rain at Springfield College, making it the perfect day to sit outside, get some time in for studying, and soak up the warm day. The weather could not have been more perfect for the year round, “Say Hey Day” put on by Student Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE).

“Say Hey Day” at Springfield College is put on once a year by members of SAVE in order to spark up a conversation with someone on campus. Students can grab a free T-shirt with a large name-tag print that reads, ‘Hello, my name is’ with students having the ability to write whatever they want on it.


In front of Naismith statue, sits a table with a plethora of blue shirts ranging in different sizes. Students came one by one until a long line started to form, eager to get their hands on this free T-shirt.

Sophomore Tyler Polansky, President of SAVE, shared what the program means not only to the club, but to everyone on campus. “Some people write, ‘hello, my name is Survivor’ or ‘hello, my name is gay,’… it’s just to spark a conversation and be able to meet new people on campus,” said Polansky. Polansky also emphasizes how Springfield College students get excited to add an extra piece to their wardrobe. “A lot of the students definitely appreciate the free T-shirts.”


The front of the union was packed with students grabbing a T-shirt and sitting around to figure out what they wanted on their shirts, some with no idea what to put, while others were eager to write down their perfect word.

Sophomore Loghan Nace patiently waited in line before receiving a shirt of her own and shared her biggest takeaway from this event. “Physically having a word of your choice, opens up a conversation and might make others open up,” Nace said, “You have the ability to know about someone better than you would just passing them on the street.”

Seas of blue shirts became apparent around campus with different words and symbols that ranged from humorous to serious. Either way, the impact to make a conversation and to get people genuinely interested in one another is important. In a world where we live glued to our phones, even just getting to know someone a little more from a word on their shirt makes a bigger impact than you might think.

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