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Student Government Association’s New Year

Nick Lovett
Staff Writer

The new school year has just started, and that means the Student Government Association will be back at work once again to make this year the best it can be. The SGA is comprised of students from all classes, from freshmen to graduate students, who volunteer their time to make the year filled with activities and fun things to do. There is no prerequisite to join, so anyone who is interested can sign up, which is how sophomore class President, Moriah Billups got involved.

“I came into Springfield College knowing I wanted to run,” recalls Billups. “I always had the dreams of doing it just because I never did it in high school.”

The cabinets of each class put on different fundraisers every year to make money for their respective classes in hopes to buy cool things for the students and plan the reunions down the road. They put in a lot of hard work planning and executing the events, which sometimes are not successful.

“We had a lot of failures last year. That helped us redirect our way of doing things. It really taught us how to promote things better,” said Billups.

Besides the class officers, the SGA also offers many other positions, some of which consist of: student body president, senators for each class, and even building officers.

Every building has a cabinet of its own that is put into place to make the building the best it can be and further the students’ enjoyment on campus. These extra positions  allow more students to get involved on campus. The Hall Counsels decide on things to do for the buildings such as events, fundraisers, and what things can be added to the building to make them better.

Vivi Novello is the president of International Hall for the upcoming 2012-13 school year. Her outgoing personality made her a great candidate for the position, and she was encouraged by a few people to run.

“I care about what happens in our building,” says Novello, a sophomore from Morristown, N.J. “So I figured, ‘Why not?’”

An idea that is being bounced around right now is to put a beach volleyball court in the back of International Hall, where there used to be a basketball court before the tornado hit.

“There’s no nets, there’s no nothing. There’s just a court,” says Novello, who hopes that the other students in International like the idea.

Both Billups and Novello agree that getting into SGA is simple enough, and it is worth it to join.

“It gives you a sense of responsibility and leadership, and those are good qualities to have,” Novello says.

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