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Student Leaders Gather at Rally Hill

Meghan Zimbler
Photo Editor



Photo Courtesy: Spiritual Life
Photo Courtesy: Spiritual Life

Leading by example.

That is something Springfield College students have always learned through the history of this institution. We have been taught to live by the Humanics Philosophy, with spirit, mind and body in our everyday lives.

With the celebration of Springfield College, and the inauguration of our 13th President Mary-Beth Cooper, the college has had events all week, leading up to the big day on Friday.

Tuesday night, the Spiritual Life office put together an event, really bringing the Springfield College community together by showing each other how supportive the student body is as a whole. The event had no specific name, yet was extremely powerful to each person that attended.

The candle lighting was very similar to the presentation Spiritual Life puts on during New Student Orientation. Massasoit Lake lit up with lights as a result of the leaders that walk our campus today.

As members from each club went up and represented their group, they were asked two simple questions revolving around the support and opportunities Springfield College has to offer, and what legacy the student leaders would like to leave here at this school.

All of the students were given the chance to express how they felt about this school and explain why their club means what it does to them. With such a strong student body, it was amazing to hear what each student said.

Clubs varied from Pre-Camp to SAVE and all the way to the Exercise Science Club. Each representative from every club in attendance was given the same questions, all answering in a different way.

The program was held right on the shore of Lake Massasoit, a place that  represents the spirit of Springfield College well.

“This is a place that so many people hold so closely,” said Becca Jacobson, the Student Government Association president. “[This] gives it the respect and love it deserves.”

This Spiritual Life event gave students the opportunity to reflect on what they would like to accomplish here at Springfield College and share countless experiences they have faced along the way.

“This week, with the inauguration of a new president and change in leadership, it is a rare event. So as an institution, we focus on the spirit side of the triangle,” said David McMahon, the director of Spiritual Life.

The many events leading up to the presidential inauguration are a way of giving back to a school that loves its population, and loves giving back. With spirit, mind and body intact, everyone will continue to come together, especially with the change of leadership.

“To give students the opportunity to verbalize how much this place means to them is a very rare opportunity,” said Jacobson. “This is in our philosophy, in our mission.”

With the view of the candle lights floating along the Massasoit, it was apparent that the message was served properly to the student body, and the event was definitely an example of that.

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