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Learning Commons group room reservations up and running

Robert Dickey


This year at Springfield College, planning a study group has never been easier. Thanks to new changes in the Learning Center, students can now plan to get work done in the LC’s with their friends much more efficiently.

For the first time, students of Springfield College are able to reserve rooms on the third floor of the Learning Center from their dorm. A new simple and easy group reservation system is up and running and making it easy to allow students to have group study rooms.

Last year, students could use rooms in the Learning Center by going to the floor itself and reserving it on the spot using the touch screens outside the rooms. Students would often reserve a room that was open already just so nobody else could kick them out. This year, students no longer have to go to the room to reserve it.

“Last year, people walked up to a panel and hit buttons and said ‘I want to reserve this right now’” said an assistant library director John Brady. “That was ok but it really wasn’t the full desire.”

Brady emphasized that now, students can book a study room from anywhere on campus, not just on the screens outside of the study room.

“We made it bookable from afar, online, from your dorm, from the union from wherever you can book a room” he explained.

The process of booking a room is simple. Links to get right to the spot to reserve rooms online are posted all around the LC. When on the main page, reserving a room is as simple as clicking on the room you want, choosing a date and time and hitting continue.

There are also QR codes all over the learning center that are easily scannable. Iphone users can simply point their camera to read the QR code and a link to booking a room pops up immediately.

Digital Technology Librarian Allison Martel feels very optimistic about the new QR code scanning. “You can go directly to the library website from your phone and book a room from there because it’s mobile optimised already, so it removes that barrier of needing to download an app,” she said.

There are rooms that are used for four people and rooms that can be used for groups up to six. Walk-ins are welcomed in the rooms, but people with reservations are able to claim the room when their requested time starts. Groups of more than two people are given reservation priority.

Photos courtesy of Gage Nutter

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