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Students share what brought them to Springfield College

Tucker Paquette, Nick Pantages, Patrick Fergus
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Deciding where to attend college is a difficult decision with many variables to consider. Whether it be the right major or sport, the four years that a student will spend on the college of their choice, will greatly affect their future. For students at Springfield College, the selection process was similar to many, with some falling in love with a certain program, and others having the opportunity to continue their athletic career at the collegiate level. Students sat down with The Springfield Student to reflect on their rationale when finally settling on coming to Alden Street.

Marc Villanueva (Barcelona, Spain)- First Year, Sport Management

“I really wanted to play Tennis in college, as I had played it for a long time. I definitely wanted to be on a tennis team somewhere, and the Sport Management program was another point of interest. The combination of the two met the criteria for the school I wanted to attend, and so Springfield was a good fit for me.”

Danny Brady (Englewood, Colorado)- First Year, Sport Management

“The main factor was the Sport Management program. I thought it was really unique, and it offers Hoophall, which obviously is a big deal in my field to get the job that I want. Also, schools close to me did not offer the same in-depth program of Sport Management. I wanted to get a new experience and step out of my comfort zone, and to get away from everyday normal life for me back in Colorado.”

Kael Donley (New Orleans, Louisiana)- Junior, Communications/Sports Journalism

“I found out about Springfield from my friend who goes here. Mainly, he came here because of gymnastics, as there’s only so many gymnastics schools in the country. I always knew the name of Springfield College because of gymnastics – that’s really the only reason why I knew of the school. Gymnastics was the main factor why I came here. Also, hearing from my friend who came here before me, he always talked about how he liked it here and how it’s a very close-knit group of friends that he’d have.”

Olivia Gentry (Cincinnati, Ohio)- First Year, Communications/Sports Journalism

“I got recruited to come play volleyball at Springfield College by coach Moira Long. She reached out to me via a recruiting website. At first I was a bit hesitant, but then I looked at the school and saw that they were interested in me. At this point, I knew I wanted to do Sports Journalism. So, I took a visit from Ohio, walked around campus and it felt like home. It was definitely a very good energy.”

Salim Fofana (Bangkok, Thailand)- First year, Sports Biology

“I chose Springfield College because they offered me a really good financial aid package. They have a really good Sports Medicine program as well, which relates to what I want to do with sports biology. Also, they have a very good athletic department, and they could help me get a job after college.”

Emily Beatrice (Shrewsbury, Massachusetts)- First year, Athletic Training

“Springfield has a really good athletics-oriented campus, as well as really good majors relating to the sports – including the Athletic Training program – which is what I want to do. Also the college is not very big, which is what I was looking for. Smaller classes means better opportunities to really get to know my professors.”

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