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Students Spin Poetry Out Loud

Andrew Gutman
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Meghan Zimbler/The Student
Meghan Zimbler/The Student

Yesterday two brave Springfield College students, Jay Bonti and Becca Jacbobson, took the stage at the Richard B. Flynn Campus Union. Bonti and Jacobson, who are good friends, decided to recite their personally written poetry to the 50-plus students who were willing to listen.

“A few weeks ago there was a spoken-word poet [at the Union]. Afterwards it was kind of mutual, like neither of us would do it alone. We are both writers and felt inspired,” said Jacobson.

The duo shared a plethora of edgy poems, ranging from their thoughts on being “friend-zoned,” to poems inspired by faculty members on campus.

Bonti shared his more personal side, reading poems that were filled with deep-rooted emotion that hit home for many of the audience members listening.

He took his time to get into character, reading a poem entitled “Angel” before he announced that he would be “retiring” after the reading.

Jacobson’s poetry aired on the lighter and more humorous side, discussing coming-of-age as well as her hilarious poem about one time that she got “sick.”

Poetry is a unique and personal thing for many to share. Dan Vitetta, a junior here at Springfield College, felt that much of what was shared was important.

“I thought it was pretty inspiring,” said Vitetta. “People do what they want with it; they adjust it to their own lives so they can use that to propel certain feelings.”

Being on stage in front of your peers can be daunting. All eyes were on Jacobson and Bonti, but the two had each other for company as they spun their lyrical lines.

“I think most people respect that people are going on stage and opening themselves up to the world around them,” said Vitetta. “Especially in a college setting where people are afraid of being judged, I think it is a really healthy thing to share your private thoughts.”

Although this was more of a spontaneous gathering, Jacobson promises that you can look out for more poetry next semester, along with hopefully more students willing to share their own poetry alongside them.


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