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Students’ thoughts on coming back to a somewhat normal semester

Garrett Cote
Assistant News Editor

As Springfield College students put the finishing touches on their lodgings to get ready for the fall semester, there is one simple commonality between all residents so far- excitement.

Not only are students excited about the idea of a COVID-19-free semester (considering the high vaccination rate on campus), they are also extremely geared up and eager to compete in athletics considering the long layoff.  

“I’m really excited to be back with all of my friends and teammates again,” said junior wrestler William Parrott. 

“I know we are all excited to get the new athletic year underway because we missed out on the last season, so this one means so much to all of us on the team.”

Although the coronavirus disease is still as prominent as ever in Hampden County, there seems to be a calming sense of normalcy blanketing Alden Street, which has attracted some students who have been commuters to live on campus this year.

Jamarius Russell, a junior who commuted all of last year, knew it was time to come back to campus when some of the COVID-19 regulations were lifted this year. 

“Once I figured out [the rules were] going to be somewhat the same as two years ago, I thought I would give it a try,” Russell began. “It’s better than being at home, and so far I’m really enjoying it so hopefully it’ll stay the same the whole year.”

Due to some of those guidelines being altered or revoked altogether, another aspect of campus life that will look a lot different – different relative to last year – are the classrooms. No more separate quadrants, no more online learning (for the most part), and much less to be distracted by, according to Russell.

“It’s always easier to learn things in person because you can get a real hands-on experience instead of being online. With online learning you could just be staring into space or going on your phone, it makes it harder to pay attention. I think going back to in person learning will help see a jump in grades for almost everyone,” Russell added. 

As for Parrott, he stated he is a very routine oriented student, so without the tough task of juggling the combination of online and in-person classes, it will be much easier to find a routine that will allow him to maximize his free-time.

“I definitely think being in person will help me stay on top of my tasks and keep me very organized,” started Parrott. “Online classes, although they were serious, didn’t feel like they were real, or as real, as in-person classes. In-person classes will without a doubt be more fun, engaging, and will help offer a better experience this year.”

It may have been long overdue, and it may have been tremendously treacherous following strict COVID-19 policies at times, but it seems like day by day the wonderful community that is Springfield College, is returning to its original glory.

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