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Students Win Nail-biter over Faculty 16-15 In honor of James Naismith’s 150th Birthday

Matt Milano

Staff Writer

The second annual Student-Faculty Basketball game was played Tuesday Nov. 8th at noon in Blake Arena. The game was played in honor of James Naismith’s  150th birthday.

The players followed the original rules of the game as designed by Naismith when it was first created over a century ago here at Springfield College.

The crowds came rolling in while each team took their warm up shots and strategized on how to carry out their game plan.

With no dribbling, passing the ball was the only way to move it up and down the court. As you could imagine, there were plenty of turnovers.  Team Faculty struggled to move the ball efficiently throughout the game.

At the end of the second half, with the Students leading by the skin of their teeth, the home Faculty team couldn’t rise above their younger counterparts. Even with a last second desperation shot at the buzzer by the Faculty that could have ended the game in a tie, the Students took the win, 16-15.

This was the second time students and faculty came together to play under the rules of Naismith.  After two years, it’s students two, faculty zero.

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