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Study Abroad Sends Students Students Overseas

Meghan Zimbler
Contributing Writer

Springfield College is filled with great things, such as sports, music, art and New England clam chowder Fridays at Cheney Hall, but something that can really open eyes is the study abroad programs the college offers.

Studying abroad can be the chance of a lifetime, and Springfield has a program to give students that opportunity. Deborah Alm, the director of the Doggett International Center, stressed this point.

“Most people recognize the value of the overseas experience,” Alm said.

There are semester programs, either in the fall or spring, that students can travel and other programs in the summer that are offered as well. In the past, around 25 students participated in the semester-long programs and six to 10 poartook in the summer ones.

When visiting countries, Italy, Ireland and Australia are the most popular, and Springfield actually collaborates with universities in those countries. Along with these three countries, “New Zealand has been picking up in popularity,” said Alm.

Students are also able to do a Semester at Sea. All students are allowed to go, and with traveling overseas, they won’t fall behind.

When studying abroad for an entire semester, a student receives an entire class schedule, completing the same amount of credits a student taking classes on Springfield’s campus does. In the summer, the average amount of credits a student takes is three to six.

On a short term basis, service groups such as the Springfield College Outreach Committee, the YMCA Club and even classes travel over spring break. Students in the dance program have taken classes overseas as a part of their courses as well.

Springfield has partner programs and partner providers that expand direct offerings. Professors, and Alm, have gone to their campuses and know the solid programs overseas. When dealing with what country to go to, students themselves are able to pick.

To decide what country to go to, students usually pick the country that can coincide with their majors and programs. For example, Spain offers a program for the minor in Spanish and students are actually able to complete a minor there.

“I think a lot of students are interested in it, but they are often faced with the challenges of their athletics or their sequence of courses in their programs,” said Alm.

There are many options when it comes to studying abroad at Springfield, and if the chance comes, take it. Anything could happen overseas, and it could end up being the experience of a lifetime.

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