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Study Tips for Springfield College Final Exams

CJ Legner

Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again. The weather’s getting nicer, school is about to come to a close and then it’s finals week: the stressful week that students prepare for the entire semester.

Right now, it’s the homestretch of the semester, with students trying to hurry and get all of their work done before finals week. Finals start on May 3rd and continue on May 4, May 7 and May 8.

Although finals’ week can be, and usually is, very stressful, Andrew Wilcox, Director of the Academic Success Center, has some very insightful advice of what students can do to help prepare for their finals.

“The number one thing students need to do is figure out what their exam schedule is so they can figure out if there are days they have multiple exams,” Wilcox said. “They would need to plan for that and really get as close a picture as they can of what are all the final projects, papers and exams happening at once and how they can tackle those.”

Freshmen are still adjusting to taking finals after getting their first shot during the fall semester.

“In college, there’s a lot more required in the preparation for studies versus showing up and doing your best at the time of the test,” Wilcox said. “[They need] to make sure they have well-established routines and are spending more time practicing.”

As expected, after being in college for four years, seniors know what it takes to prepare for finals and can really give out some good advice to students.

“My advice would be to start studying as early as possible and don’t procrastinate,” said senior Courtney Vardi.

Regardless of class, it’s very important to get a good night of sleep and to eat a good breakfast before exams.

“There are some foods that are recommended such as oatmeal and blueberries,” said Wilcox. “They’re really good brain foods.”

Once the last final is done and a confetti blast of shredded paper rises into the air, “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper becomes all too familiar.

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