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Sun dresses right around the corner for fashion

Katie Benoit
Staff Writer

The weather will be getting warmer soon, which means it’s almost sundress season. Although senior formal is over, there are still plenty of occasions to get a little dressed up for. There is still the athletics banquet, graduation if you’re a senior, and probably a few other events this summer on your social calendar.

One of my favorite designers, Lauren James, sells dresses that definitely give off a summer and spring vibe. It is on the expensive side, but the dresses are high quality. They also usually come with free shipping and a ten percent discount on your first order when you provide your email address. You might even get lucky and get some stickers and a free koozie with your order.

Many of the dresses sold are seersucker dress and come in bright colors like pink, blue and yellow. There are also solid color dresses that are simple but still dressy enough. These dresses are perfect to wear with pearls and wedges. Although the company is not super well known, I showed a few of my friends a catalog and they loved the dresses, so you should definitely check out the website.

They also sell a ton of t-shirts, shorts, and bathing suits. Since the company is southern, they sell a lot of college football attire, which is pretty cool. There are often sales on t-shirts and other items. If you are looking for some unique clothing, this is definitely a designer to check out.

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