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The 86th Annual Springfield College Stepping Up Day

Josh Ernst

Opinions Editor

Today, Springfield College students, administrators and faculty will gather on the patio steps behind the Richard P. Flynn Campus Union for an annual Springfield College tradition. 2012 Stepping Up Day will take place at noon.

Stepping Up Day is the symbolic ascension of each class. The senior class president hands off responsibility to the junior class president and so on down the line. The day is rife with tradition, with each class having an object that identifies their class that they pass on to the class below them. The Student Government Association was involved in the planning of this event, and Vice President of Student Affairs Steve Carra will be on hand.

“My part is small and simple, even though it is a big honor,” said Carra. “I just begin and close the ceremony with a few words and introduce the first award presented. The student government is involved to help plan, as well as share a few words and insight about our great campus and the selfless hard work that so many admirable individuals share with us each day.”

Stepping Up Day started in 1926 and has been held every year since then. In addition to each class moving up the symbolic step, Who’s Who Among College Students will be presenting their awards.

Who’s Who Among College Students is a national society who recognize outstanding students at various colleges and universities from across the nation. Vice President of Academic Affairs Kaitlin Robinson will be presenting the awards to the winners.

“I am extremely excited for this year’s group because some of my fellow classmates and closest friends have worked hard for the past few years, and I get to hand off their award to them,” said Robinson. “I love this day because I get to witness a proud moment for all these students. This is also one of my last, final events of Student Government I will get to participate in after years of involvement with SGA.”

Stepping Up Day signals the close of another academic year on the Springfield College campus. With exams only weeks away, students are beginning to think about next year, and today is a chance for class officers to reflect on their changing roles on campus.

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