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The dog days are over

Nichole Maisto

This year was Springfield College’s second annual Dog Day on the campus green. Dog Day is part of wellness week. From 11 to 1, K-9’s for Kids joined students and faculty on campus for a fun time full of puppies and sweet treats.

This event first came to campus last year, the idea of it all started by Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Kristin Brosius.

“I wanted to incorporate something into wellness week that would make the student’s smile,” Brosius said, “We want to make students feel at home during this first semester, those who miss their dogs, and those who simply want to pet a dog and have a milkshake or smoothie.”  

This year was pup Autumn Skye’s first K-9 for Kids event and as her owner Robin Stevens said, it was a rewarding and successful experience for the both of them. Skye wasn’t adopted by Stevens until she was 6. When she first got her, she was so loving and caring, Stevens knew she would be perfect as a therapy dog.


“You can tell she truly enjoys spending time with the student’s here, even though this marks her first event as a therapy dog, the time with others and interaction is what she’s truly meant to do and loves,” Stevens said.

Another special dog, with a valuable meaning in her presence I had the pleasure of meeting on campus during Dog Day was Dixie, a fine yellow lab. Dixie is five years old, and as a service dog, coming to spend time with people, especially loving student’s is something she thoroughly enjoys.

“Dixie was my daughter’s service dog before she passed away. It’s what she’s good at, making people feel better and I wanted to use that gift of hers to help others the same way she helped my daughter,” owner, Kibser Cancelmo said.

Being able to experience a simple pleasure such as spending time with your pets as you would at home was a success here on campus, and neither the student’s nor canines can wait until they come again.

“I’ve been missing my dogs at home in Maine, and being able to see all of them today on campus was definitely the best stress reliever and break I’ve had on campus so far,” freshman Cameron Libby said.

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