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The Final Countdown

Jasmine Chatman
Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of Patrick Kenney.

It’s the final countdown, we have about two weeks left in the semester. This means finals week is near. At this point, you may be spending more time in Babson Library than at home or your dorm room, sitting in the basement writing the paper given to you the first day of class, sifting through forgotten notes from the first weeks of class and stocking up on sugary snack and energy drinks. All-nighter’s and procrastination are now happening frequently, however, do not panic! Here are  nine tips to help you get through it

  1. Get Organized and Don’t Procrastinate

Waiting to study until the night before an exam is disastrous. Procrastinating causes unnecessary stress and sets one up for failure. Instead, plan ahead and organize your notes, look at your final exam schedule and begin studying for your first, or hardest exam now.

  1. Find A Quiet Place to Study

Studying for finals takes a great amount of concentration. Find somewhere to study that is conducive for concentrating and learning. Choose a place of study that is quiet, comfortable and distraction-free.

  1. Organize a Study Group Session

Sometimes it can be helpful to study in groups. Evaluate whether or not studying with others will be beneficial to the subject as well as your learning process.

  1. Use Effective Study Methods.

The key to effective retention is repetition and not overloading your brain. Whatever you do, do not do it all in one long cramming session.

  1. Attend the review session

Review sessions offer vital information on exam format, what will be on the exam, and key concepts you should be focusing your studies on. During this time you can always ask questions regarding the material and the exam.

  1. 50-10 Rule

The idea is to study 50 minutes for every hour and keep the last 10 minutes to clear your mind. The idea is to focus 100% during those 50 minutes and use the remaining minutes to relax yourself. Create an alarm notification on your phone so it rings whenever those 50 minutes are over.

  1. Get Enough Sleep.

Don’t pull an “all nighter.” You will do better if you are rested, and cramming often leads to a confused knowledge of the materials you have studied. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep.

  1. Eat Healthy and Exercise

Exercise and good nutrition cannot only help control your stress levels, but it can also help maintain your emotional levels. Exercise helps keep your blood pressure low and it can help raise your energy levels so you can continue to study more effectively.

  1. Come visit us at the Academic Success Center if you need help

We have a variety of tutors who will be happy to help assist you with your studying or essays. We are located in Hickory 109 and our hours are:  Monday-Thursday 9:00AM – 9:00PM,   Friday 9:00AM – 3:00PM   Sunday 4:00PM-9:00PM

I hope this helps you with finals! Good Luck to you all!


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