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The History Behind Late Night Bingo at Springfield College

Logan Mullen
Staff Writer

(Photo courtesy Office of Student Activities)
(Photo courtesy Office of Student Activities)

It does not take much this day and age to entertain young people. Everyone is plugged into electronics, and the idea of writing a letter and having a conversation through a phone connected to the wall seems like a distant memory. But despite the constant technological infatuations and distractions involved in the lives of college-aged students nowadays, every now and again there are glimmers of hope in the eyes of traditionalists. The little things in life can satisfy the younger generations, which is apparent in Springfield College’s Late Night Bingo.

For upwards of seven years now, the activity formerly known as Old School Bingo has brought together the Springfield College campus on the first Wednesday of each month,.

“[It] has evolved into so much more,” said Assistant Director of Student Activities Annie Warchol.

The first known playing of Old School Bingo took place in the Fuller Arts Center. It brought the student body together and was a “late-night stress reliever,” according to Campus Activity Board Secretary Erin Fitzgerald. The games were later conducted in the Richard B. Flynn Campus Union upon its completion in 2010.

The game has changed in almost every aspect, minus the actual gameplay itself.

For starters, the name has changed this year from Midnight Bingo to Late Night Bingo and the frequency of the event changed as well.

“Having it fewer times throughout the year makes it more special and gives us a bigger budget,” said CAB President Andrew Ptacek.

On top of that, the event will no longer be exclusively held the first Wednesday of every month. Instead, it will be held on big events and holidays, as well as some Wednesdays.

“Sti-Yu-Ka Bingo is always a big event. We have had to host it in the field house in years past,” said Fitzgerald. “Every year we run out of bingo cards and chips.”

Also worth noting is that the event will now be hosted at 11:30 p.m. instead of midnight.

Though the timing may shift, the themes will not. The popular Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Christmas themes will still be implemented, and those who dress accordingly can still expect to receive an extra card to further enhance their chances of winning.

Late Night Bingo has been an important part of campus life at Springfield College since before any of the current student body has been here, and it is likely that it will continue to be important for the foreseeable future.

Be sure to make it to the next Late Night Bingo this Friday at 8 p.m. as part of Family Weekend. It may not necessarily be late this time around, but once the first yelling of “Bingo” commences, it will be clear that Late Night Bingo is back and here to stay.


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