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The Keys to Halloween Fashion

Boo! Did I scare you? Well, the fact that Halloween is already here scares me, so we’re even.

Taylor Hassa
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fashionDid I scare you? Well, the fact that Halloween is already here scares me, so we’re even.

Usually, Springfield College gets really into the Halloween spirit and has a knack for making the holiday last multiple days.

This year, Halloween happens to fall on a Friday, so I suspect the holiday will be celebrated Thursday through Saturday night.

That means that people should have at least two different costumes in mind. Multiple costumes sounds like a lot, but these costumes don’t have to break the bank.

For example, try going to the nearest thrift store and seeing if you can throw something together there. It is a simple way to save some money and still be able to dress up.

Don’t be afraid to go to the mall and look either. Places like Spencer’s and Hot Topic always have Halloween costumes on sale. Some are quite scandalous, but then again, everyone is a little scandalous when it comes to Halloween in college.

The goal of this holiday isn’t to see who can spend the most on a costume. It is for everyone to dress up in something affordable and have a great time enjoying Halloween together.

If you think about it, college is sort of the last chance we have to be kids and seriously partake in Halloween festivities. Before we know it, we are going to be dressing up our kids and the dog, not worrying at all about what we are going to be for Halloween.

So this year, I implore you to be creative and come up with some kick-butt costumes. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box or do something a little crazy.

I have contemplated wrapping myself in tinfoil and going as a Chipotle Burrito one night.

Some of my friends are going as things like Jack and Coke or the cast of”Mean Girls.” Others are duct taping each other and going out as their favorite beer.

The possibilities are endless this holiday, so show me what you got, Springfield.

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