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The Pain of Wearing Heels

Taylor Hassa

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This past weekend, the dorks that run this very newspaper took a trip to sunny California for a newspaper conference. It was a business casual affair that called for dress shirts for the gentlemen and heels for the ladies.

It wasn’t until the flight home on Sunday that I realized maybe heels weren’t my best decision. Somewhere along the way, a huge blister had formed on the back of my heel. The blister, which I hadn’t noticed forming, had been popped and was in the ow-ow-please-don’t-touch-it phase.

I noticed the blister when I went to move my sock and realized it was stuck on my heel. Naturally, I yanked and off came my sock and half my heel. Great.

Seven hours later, I was finally back at school and in bed and had completely forgotten about my friend on my foot. I got up, showered, and started my walk up to class, only to be greeted by the persistent pain of my blister friend being ripped open, again.

I began thinking about heels, and about all the different styles that I have and how they all hurt just the same. I reminisced on the day that I bought my favorite pair of red pumps. They were a size 5 and my feet are a size 7, but nonetheless, I had to have them.

The first time I wore them, my feet were screaming, so I Googled how to stretch heels. I found a lot of odd tips, but I decided to try putting them in the oven. I set the oven at 350 degrees and threw my shoes in there for a few minutes.

When I took them out, I stuffed my feet and two pairs of fluffy socks into them and wore them around for an hour. The red paten leather stretched to fit my foot perfectly, and boom, size 5 became size 7.

That memory made me smile and think about the whole notion that beauty is pain. Heels are classy and beautiful, but man, do they kill your feet.

Occasionally, a girl can find the perfect pair of heels, but that is so very rare. Most girls just pick the prettiest ones and wear them enough that eventually they stop hurting.

Once the pain subsides, you have time to realize how bad you are at walking in your heels. The whole time you attributed your poor walking to the pain when, in fact, you just can’t walk in heels.

Luckily, there are easy ways to improve your heel game. First, start with smaller heels and then work your way up. Then make sure you are walking heel to toe and taking small steps, sometimes pretending like you are walking the line helps.

After you feel pretty confident in your new walk, watch how the models do it and then practice, practice, practice.

Heels are not a girl’s best friend, but with a lot of dedication and a high tolerance for blisters, you’ll be rocking heels all day in no time.

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