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The Student’s weekly check-in with Christine Johnston

By Brady Cote

As Springfield College starts to make its way to the middle of the semester, the campus is making strides and progressing much better than previously in the fall. 

The difference between this semester and the last is the current weekly testing, versus the biweekly testing in the fall. Christine Johnston, Assistant Director of Alcohol and Other Drug Education and Health Promotion says that weekly testing has been reassuring and a success.

“Weekly testing for everyone has been a huge asset, I know it’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of work on our health center, staff, our testing centers staff. It’s a commitment from all the students, along with all of us, who are in the testing pool to actually get over there every single week and get tested. It’s just a huge asset to know that everyone has been tested every single week.”

Recently, there have been seven positive cases from March 9-17 on the Springfield College campus. Although these cases are new, the campus is still in great shape, for a few of them have been caught, and stopped in quarantine 

“I think we’re doing great. A couple of those cases have been from those in quarantine, which is not unexpected. That’s what quarantine is, it stops the spread right there at that person because those folks typically don’t have any contacts whatsoever. Just giving the numbers in Massachusetts, I think we’re doing really, really well.”

With three companies dispersing the COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson) the day for students to receive their dose or doses are coming soon. 

“I’m going to encourage every student who is eligible, and when they are eligible to get the vaccine. I’ve had the vaccine because I’m working in the Health Center, it gives you such peace of mind. We still have to follow all of the important precautions like wearing our masks, washing our hands and keeping our distance. I think the vaccine is a very important asset to us being able to get back to a more normal life.”

As Springfield College continues to work its way through the spring, it is important to remember to keep following the safety guidelines of keeping a social distance, washing your hands and wearing a face mask, for it is up to each individual to keep this campus safe.

“That’s part of the mission of Springfield College, that’s why people come to Springfield and so that’s why I think it’s a part of why we’re doing so well is that all we’re asking folks to do is just live the submission that they sign up for.”

As long as the campus community is willing to be optimistic, Springfield College will continue to persevere and come back stronger, for it is not up to a sole person or department, it is up to the Pride.

Photo: Springfield College

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