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The William Simpson “Undergraduate Senior Exhibition” to Showcase Senior’s Art Work

CJ Legner

Staff Writer

Blake Hall is home to the art department. After heading through the double doors, there’s a stairway that leads you to imagination. The imagination comes from students that have been grinding away for endless hours working on their pieces, all for this show.

The William Simpson “Undergraduate Senior Exhibition” Reception on Sunday from 2-4 p.m. has all eyes on this year’s seniors’ work. The event features the art students (Art Therapy and Computer Graphics majors) that create pieces of their best work.

“We’ll have over 100 people here. We’ll have great food and a huge crowd,” said professor Holly Murray.

There are going to be 18 students showing their work, and it’s expected to have a big turnout. This art reception recognizes the seniors, who  will receive their honors.

“Our professors start talking about the show as soon as we come into the major, and they tell us that it’s never too early to start working on it,” said senior Ashley Gladden.

All students have to choose a theme and title all of their pieces.

Many students who aren’t art majors don’t understand the entire process that goes along with putting these pieces together. Since students can think about what they want to do as soon as they get into the major, there’s serious preparation in getting the pieces out and ready for the show.

“It’s pretty stressful though; a lot more goes into it than what you think,” said Gladden. “Thinking of something is the first part, then actually making it… then about a week or two before the show, we have to begin framing, sizing [and]mounting.”

While the reception is on the 15th, the exhibition will be displayed for two weeks, and anyone can go and view the pieces.

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