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Tomas Kubinek Soars At Fuller Auditorium

Gabby DeMarchi

A&E Editor

Lunacy does not even begin to explain Tomas Kubinek. With acrobatics, magic and comedy, Kubinek managed to entertain the crowd in the Fuller Arts Center with just himself and a few props Wednesday night.

The “Certified Lunatic and Master of the Impossible” gained a standing ovation once again. “I’ve just always loved performing,” said Kubinek with an unruly grin on his face.

Even from a young age Kubinek has been an avid performer.

“I started out at about eight or nine doing magic shows. I worked in restaurants, and street performing, and comedy clubs,” said Kubinek.

After years of hard work, Kubinek eventually worked himself up. By the time he turned 26, his act hit the stage. Kubinek did several performances in Paris and with London’s Royal Festival Hall. His act even led him to two sold-out runs on Broadway.

Between the mixtures of physical comedy and overwhelming charm, Kubinek wowed the crowd at Fuller with acts involving lucky and unsuspecting audience members, doing a dance with four extra feet and flying around the stage with his own pair of wings.

A big part of Kubinek’s performance is audience participation. One lucky SC student was chosen from the crowd where he ultimately was turned in to Kubinek’s own personal jungle gym. Between the piggy back rides and tumbling all over the poor freshman, Kubinek definitely had his fun.

Another lucky student got her purse taken away, but then magically it was later found that she had been hiding Kubinek’s handkerchief, as well as 10 different pieces of silverware in her small bag.

“It’s great to get the audience involved. I have fun with it,” Kubinek said with a giggle.

While some of his acts have stayed the same for several years, a lot of what he does is also improvised, especially when it comes to involving audience members.

“This has kept growing and evolving. Some of the acts are ten or fifteen years old, and a lot of it, I add in,” Kubinek explained. “It’s a structure I know. I feel free with it. I can make up stuff on the spot. It kind of just keeps growing.”

While Kubinek continues to perform his one-act show, he also plans to expand even further.

“I just signed with a big agency in New York that represents orchestras and I just developed a new show with an orchestra,” said Kubinek. “I’m looking forward to working with them and also doing some of my own stuff.”

You can learn much more about Kubinek and his act at his website

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