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Top 5 Super Bowl 50 Commercials

John Grimaldi
Staff Writer

Each year the Super Bowl is known for great defense, crazy catches and dramatic finishes. However, many of millions of viewers tune into the commercial breaks for the ads as well. Check out this year’s top-five commercials.

5. Mountain Dew, Puppy Monkey Baby – So unexpected it had to make the list. Not a clever commercial by any means, but a dancing puppy/monkey/baby is bound to get attention, and it did. This was one of the more talked about commercials, and could have been absolutely awful, had they tried any harder to make it funny. Worth a chuckle for how ridiculous it is.

4. Intuit, Death Wish Coffee – Intuit funded this ad for a small coffee brand called “Death Wish.” One of the better ads, a pirate ship full of sailors is stuck in a storm at sea. The man in charge is rattling off all sorts of quotes to make it more dramatic. The water then turns to coffee as the ship and everyone aboard gets sucked into the mouth of a regular guy sipping his coffee in the morning. It went from a possible ad for a new video game to a very anticlimactic sip of coffee. Death Wish scored big getting their name out there with this ad.

3. Budweiser, Not Backing Down – Budweiser is the go-to American beer, and they certainly want people to know it. This intense, musically driven commercial takes a shot at craft breweries, finishing with the statement “not backing down,” presumably referencing small-beer businesses trying to steal their customer base. Budweiser makes sure to state how long they’ve been around, while showing the viewers Bud factories and warehouses. It gives everyone a glimpse into the size and the amount of work that goes into maintaining such a huge company. It was an overly aggressive commercial that was actually a nice switch up, considering that Budweiser usually makes a play on the Clydesdales or something comical.

2. Budweiser, Give a Damn – Continuing with the serious approach, Budweiser’s second ad was an anti-drinking-and-driving commercial, led by Hellen Mirren. She is sitting down alone to a meal and a Budweiser and proceeds to speak directly into the camera, calling those willing to drive drunk a number of names including, “utterly useless, oxygen wasting, human form of pollution.” This is direct and commendable, considering that Budweiser could have tried to attract the younger crowd watching the Super Bowl through binge drinking ads or videos of Budweiser themed parties. But instead, they used their slot to try to do their part to end drunk driving completely. Respectable and a good ad throughout.

1. – This was a very sneakily funny commercial. I think grabbed Lil Wayne at the perfect time in his career. His music has dropped off drastically in terms of quality, but everyone who grew up listening to him misses his presence in hip-hop. The commercial starts off with Brad Bellflower playing a piano and singing while scaling a tall NYC apartment building. On his way up, Bellflower stops to talk to Weezy and Jeff Goldblum (dressed as George Washington) who are out grilling on the balcony. This was probably the most complete commercial of the night. Just an overall enjoyable ad that combined music, comedy and celebrities to make something watchable.



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