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Treat Fest promotes safe trick-or-treating

Helen Lucas

Staff Writer

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It seemed like a typical October night at Springfield College, students had just gotten out of practice and were on their way to Cheney. Suddenly they had to watch out for Superman and Batman running in front of them and between their friends. The superheros were on campus for only one reason: candy.

Children of all ages were welcomed by The Office of Housing and Residence Life, Emerging Leaders, and The Office of Volunteer Programs to come and trick-or-treat on campus.

Families started the night out in Judd Gymnasium where they played games such as corn hole, bowling, and coloring. Springfield students were in charge of handing out the candy, running the games, and trying to keep the kids under control.

“[Treat Fest] is a really good way of Springfield bonding with the community. We are really engaging all the families that are around our community,” said senior Kevin Mirando. “They all get to come in and meet us, and we get to interact with the kids, anything we can do with the youth of Springfield is a positive thing.”

From Judd, the families were led to Massasoit Hall. The halls of the dorm were layered with spiderwebs and balloons. In the halls, students handed out candy from their dorm rooms dressed up in costumes. Some students wore jerseys, others went all out with their costume and even included face paint.

Anna Lugo’s family participated in the event for the first time this year. She said, “It’s really welcoming of the community and that’s something that is really positive for the campus and the community and it builds a really good relationship.”

Treat Fest is held every year right before Halloween to welcome the community to trick-or-treat in a safe environment.

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