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Trump? Clinton? Sanders? How About None of Them?

Alex Thomas
Staff Writer

One of the touchiest subjects to talk about is politics. Why is that? Simple, because no matter what, there will be differing opinions and usually the ‘debate’ will end up in a shouting match where whoever yells the loudest gets the last word. Funny, because that’s kind of how Donald Trump sounded to me last Wednesday night in the Republican primary debate in California.

Confession time, I’m one who would classify himself as a Republican, I’m not afraid to say that whatsoever. That being said, I just can’t find myself getting behind the Republican party’s top candidate at this time, Donald Trump. Don’t get me wrong, the faces Trump makes are pure gold and him calling out Rand Paul can be funny at first because you’re shocked it happened, but I’m not impressed. To me, the Donald is all flash and no substance.

Why? How many times has Trump been asked a question and simply not answered? For example, we ask him about immigration and his response is simply “We’ll kick them out and build a wall.” Yes, there is a problem with immigration in this country, but is building a wall going to solve that? Oh, by the way, how do we build said wall? I still don’t know the answer to that because Mr. Trump hasn’t given it to us yet. Same goes for his foreign policy, which seems like a lot of “Let’s get strong and pray no one smacks us” to me. Yes, we need to strengthen the military but we need A PLAN. See where I’m going with this?

So you might be asking, Alex, you don’t support Trump, so you are with Clinton or Sanders, right? Strike two, wrong again.

Voting for Hillary Clinton is just something I simply can’t do. Why you ask? Listen, this is a country that lost its mind when Tom Brady didn’t turn over his cell phone this past spring in an investigation about DEFLATED FOOTBALLS. Clinton has been involved with an investigation surrounding the use of private emails. On top of that, there is the whole Benghazi issue where Clinton ended up having to take responsibility for the security lapses.

Is anyone perfect? No chance, but that is far too many mistakes, key mistakes, for me to elect Clinton for President.

Lastly, there is Bernie Sanders. Now I’m sure what I’m going to say about all three of these people will fire up the crowd in a big way, but Sanders probably the most. I’ve noticed a major push in popularity for the Vermont senator over these last few months, mainly in the college ranks.

See here’s the thing with Sanders, he’s more of a socialist than any other candidate I can remember. Sure, that seems great, everyone benefits and no one will be poor and all that fun stuff. Everyone will be on equal footing and we’ll all enjoy the exact same quality of life, right?

Let me list off the socialist countries in the world today: China, Cuba, Vietnam, and Laos. Now, I’m not saying Sanders is going to come in and make the United States a total socialist country, that’s probably unrealistic, but the principle that his views lean that way scares me quite a bit.

Let’s be honest with each other here, socialism is sparingly used around the world because it really doesn’t work, just ask the Soviet Union, a former socialist country.

Trump, Clinton, and Sanders , without a doubt, are the top three candidates in the race as we stand today. We’re about a year from the election, meaning things will likely change, but I needed to write something on this.

Trump is all flash and no substance with a sprinkle of saying whatever he wants no matter how bad it looks. Clinton’s recent past isn’t exactly sparkling, and Bernie Sanders’ views are simply the exact opposite of mine.

I’d rather see Ted Cruz for the Republican side and Joe Biden for the Democratic side, but I think the odds of that happening are quite slim.

Before I leave, please remember this column is my view on the upcoming election, and not the view of the Springfield Student. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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  1. Thanks for the laugh. Western Europe embraced socialism to institute things like a universal healthcare system so their citizens do not risk financial ruin or death simply because they cannot afford healthcare. You know, the opposite of here.

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