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Tutor Tidbits: Seven Simple Steps to be Successful in Anatomy

Courtney Greth
Contributing Writer

Here are some ways that can inspire you to do your best. If you ever have the joy of taking A&P, Clinical Human Anatomy, or any other anatomy course offered at Springfield College, these Tutor Tidbits are for you! For those of you in any anatomy class now, these tidbits will also give you an extra push to finish out the last month of the semester stronger and more confident.


  1. Create flashcards! Type or write them out. Include important concepts, such as attachments or innervations of muscles, or unfamiliar diseases and conditions. Make them your own!
  2. Take it one slide at a time. Stay present, and that will assist you to learn about what you have in front of you without thinking about what is next. Make sure you understand the slide you’re on. Which brings me to the next point…
  3. Reference the book. The book is the gold standard of information! When something is totally not clear, read the part of the book where you have confusion, and put the material into your own words.
  4. Google pictures and YouTube videos. Muscles and bones and nerves, oh my! Use what you have at your fingertips. The internet is a great source for simple clarification from a trusty source. Search Google Images for pictures of certain graphs or specific muscle attachments. Search YouTube for different cellular processes or the physiology of a body system.
  5. Study with a classmate (or 5). Reach out and ask for help – we’ve all been there. Review material with a roommate who has already taken the course. Seek out assistance from classmates outside of class.
  6. Accept it, and move on (and come back to it later). If you’ve ever met with me, I say this phrase about three times per hour. There comes a time to stop right when you understand something to prevent overthinking and unnecessary confusion. Don’t forget to review that information at a later date.
  7. Come by the ASC and meet with a tutor! Tutors are eager and willing to guide you to help you be successful. We are excited about anatomy (at least I am, nerd alert) and we hope to get you motivated to do what you need to do! Stop in or call to make an appointment. We are happy to help you out!


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