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Two Non-Springfield College Students Issued Trespassing Notices

Joe Brown




On Tuesday, Jan. 28, two non-Springfield College students were issued trespassing notices for suspicious behavior around campus according to Chief of Police Judy Jackson.

The first individual was roaming the floors in the Living Center before exiting the building. Around a “half dozen” students reported the individual to the Department of Public Safety according to Jackson, and the individual was caught a short while later in the surrounding neighborhood heading back towards the college and issued a trespassing notice.

The second individual was spotted hanging around the outside of the Senior Suites. He had been seen for around three nights in the area, but was gone every time Public Safety responded to a call. He was finally caught and also issued a trespassing notice.

In addition to trespassing notices, Public Safety performed a routine want-and-warrant check to see if any other police departments wanted the individuals on any charges. As a result of the trespassing notices, if the individuals are reported on campus again, they will be arrested.

Public Safety was able to successfully apprehend the individuals because students took initiative and reported what they saw.

People are beginning to call things in,” Jackson said. “The sooner we get the information, the sooner we can get looking for the individual.

“Everybody watching out for things really helps us.”

In addition to the two calls on Tuesday, there was also an unconfirmed report from several students that live in the Senior Suites of a non-Springfield College individual roaming the floors inside of the building. Public Safety did not receive a separate call about a third individual, however.

Students should continue to report any suspicious behavior to Public Safety immediately upon witnessing it. Public Safety can only perform their job if students play their part.

“Just be aware and don’t hesitate to call something in,” Jackson said. “We’ll be more than happy to check on it.”

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