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Two Stripers: A Club for Physical Education Majors

Josh Ernst

Opinions Editor

As high school seniors begin to apply to colleges and universities, the inevitable campus tours will be taking place all over the country. Groups of prospective students and their parents will be shown around a college campus and take a look at the library, gym, dorms and student union. These tours rarely give a prospective student a feel for life on campus. But a group of Springfield College students and professors have decided to change that.

Former men’s soccer coach Peter Haley is the advisor for a club on campus known as the Two Stripers, which is made up of Physical Education majors. The club helps prospective Physical Education students feel more comfortable visiting the Springfield College campus.

“I decided to put a group of students together because I really believe that, from a recruiting process, if our students can have contact with prospective students, it makes a significant difference,” said coach Haley.

Sophomore Dominic Marabello is one of the members of the Two Stripers, whose main role is to interact with prospective students.

“Two Stripers are a select group of people who are part of the Physical Education program here at Springfield College,” said Marabello. “Our purpose is to help other incoming students get a feel about what this program and the school’s amazing traditions and reputations are all about. We hope to make them feel comfortable about their choice about majoring in Physical Education here.”

One of the club’s main roles is to be present at open houses and talk to parents and prospective students about the Physical Education program and Springfield College. [Marabello referenced his own experience as evidence of the important work this club performs.]

“This program would have greatly helped me,” said Marabello. “Coming to SC, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do here. I was between a few programs, and it took me a semester to figure out I wanted to be in Physical Education. This program brings excitement to the program and really shows you how great it can be, and that would have influenced me greatly.”

The Two Stripers have another role, one that is more often associated with athletics rather than an academic program. Prospective student-athletes often visit campus on a recruiting trip where they stay with a current member of the athletic team overnight. The Two Stripers are doing the same thing in an effort to help prospective students feel more comfortable with the Physical Education program and professors.

“Students will visit and they are allowed to have overnights here,” said Marabello. “This is where we can show them around and have them shadow us as well. They will get the tour of the classes taken here and have an inside look of everything our program has to offer.”

The Two Stripers are named after the classic Springfield College physical education uniform. The club is hoping that their efforts pay off and more students are soon walking around campus in a two-striper.

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