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Ultimate Frisbee has Landed on Alden Street

Victor Barbosa

Staff Writer

The Ultimate Frisbee Club has made its way onto the Springfield College campus. Beginning this semester, ultimate frisbee will be played by a handful of students.

Evan Doktor, a junior, is mainly responsible for the sport’s upcoming debut on campus.

“It’s just starting this semester. I had to go through all the paperwork starting it,” Doktor said. “I started it at the end of last year and I worked on it mostly over the summer, because I was here for summer classes.”

Unlike some of the varsity sports here on campus, you can enjoy playing this sport without having to worry about a too hectic schedule and time commitment. That is not to say that being a part of the Ultimate Frisbee Club does not require determination and hard work. Some weeks, the team will be out on the field for up to five days a week.

“We’re planning on practices three times a week. Probably Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 p.m.,” Doktor said. “Tournaments will be most likely on the weekends.”

Although Doktor is the one who basically got this club going, he had some help along the way. One of his friends, junior Jeff Cirillo, has played a critical role in establishing the club amongst other things.

“I pretty much started everything, but Jeff Cirillo is helping me with contacting everybody and getting practices set up. He’s the secretary/treasurer [of the club],” Doktor said.

Despite their first game not being scheduled yet, there is already much interest in this new club, and the potential that it has is apparent. At the club fair last week, 45 people signed up to be a part of the Ultimate Frisbee Club. Additionally, there are many great qualities to a game like frisbee, including having a fun and laid-back atmosphere, while also being involved in some very competitive activity.

“In high school, I used to play varsity sports, and frisbee is a good change of pace,” Doktor said. “You ref your own games, and it’s just a great sport to play…more recreational and laid-back.”

It obviously helps to have experience with playing frisbee to be a part of the club, but unlike baseball, basketball or football, you can be completely new to the sport and still compete in these important games. Whether you have been playing ultimate for 10 years and have been in tournaments across the country or if you do not even know how to hold a disc, you can be a part of the team.

“Some of them [students] have contacted me saying that they’ve been playing for five or more years, and some of them came up to me at the club fair and said they’ve never thrown a frisbee before,” Doktor said. “So, we’re going to teach everyone to be at the same skill level, hopefully.”

If you are a competitive person who likes to play sports, the Ultimate Frisbee Club may be for you. If you prefer a more recreational activity and something where you do not have a crazy practice schedule, the club is also for you. This is just the first semester of the Ultimate Frisbee Club at Springfield College, but it seems to have a long, bright future ahead.

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