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Union Takeover: Ben Grosscup Style

Billy Peterson
Staff Writer



Joe Brown/The Student
Joe Brown/The Student

The week before Thanksgiving break can be a daunting one for any college student. All you are trying to do is get through that last full week until you can get some well-deserved time off at home.

On Wednesday, Spiritual Life helped students relax during lunch hour by bringing in Ben Grosscup, a guitarist and singer who entertained students and faculty as they gathered around tables eating lunch and taking in the performance.

Students could be overheard saying how it was nice to come to eat some lunch and socialize while also getting to listen to a performance.

Grosscup performed a variety of songs, including a lullaby, which revolved around struggle and social justice. Before each song, he would give a little background to the lyrics and why he had chosen to perform it.

As Grosscup stood and performed on stage, he captured the attention of those throughout the Union. Students from upstairs were even seen leaning over and taking in the show.

One of the many songs sung was pitching for free public college education for students. Grosscup explained how many college students find themselves facing a mountain of debt coming out of school. The lyrics in his song, “Four Years of College,” were showing how challenging school can be.

Some of the songs even had a real life premise based around them. Grosscup was singing about one of his real life experiences at Bradley Air Port in Connecticut. The song was comedic, and called, “Vegetable Soup.”

After the show, Grosscup was talking about a CD that he has made along with his YouTube channel. Grosscup gave us a preview of his CD, as he was playing some of the songs that are featured on the disk.

Grosscup sings about struggle and social critique. His songs express a need for social change and hint towards a freer society for each of us. Grosscup is based in Amherst, Mass. and is an activist involved in organizing several topics, including ecological justice and immigrant rights. He also serves on the Steering Committee of People’s Music Network.

Springfield College was able to witness Grosscup’s talents in the most recent performance in the Richard B. Flynn Campus Union.

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