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Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition Displays Faculty Talent

Katie Benoit

Staff Writer

Springfield College professors are getting a chance to show off their own masterpieces this month on campus.

The Springfield College Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition is currently on display until March 26 in the William Blizard Gallery, located on the second floor of Blake Hall. The gallery is filled with unique works by current professors teaching in the Visual Arts department.

A reception open to the Springfield College community and public was held Sunday. The reception was well attended by a mix of faculty, students, and local individuals. Those who attended enjoyed observing art along with a lite fare.

The gallery takes place every few years and features many different types of art such as photography, paintings, graphics, and mixed media. Each piece is unique and features different subject matters. Some pieces even represent social issues.

“The reason we do this exhibit is to show students what their teachers are doing,” Professor Ronald Maggio, director of the gallery, said.

Some interesting pieces include, “At the Horizon Series 1-4” by Professor Ruth West. These pieces of photography feature pictures of the ocean. Looking at these photographs show the true beauty of nature.

The painting “Summer in Paradise City” by Professor Dr. Simone Alter-Muri contains vibrant colors that seem to draw a viewer in. This painting illustrates the summer weather, something New England is greatly missing this time of year.

Maggio discussed how each piece of art has come from a professor, who holds an M.F.A., the highest degree of the arts. In addition to teaching, these professors are also working artists. This means that they continue to create their own pieces even while teaching.

“If you are going to teach art you have to make it,” Maggio said.

“It’s nice to get to see teachers doing what they are teaching,” Bryttnie Thomas, a student who attended the gallery reception, said.

Although art is not the largest major on campus, anyone can enjoy looking at these pieces. It is defiantly worth the trip to see the great things professors are doing at Springfield College.

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