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Weekly COVID check-in with Christine Johnston

Irene Rotondo

As the entirety of the undergraduate student population finally trickles back into the safety and confines of the Springfield College campus, the ever-present worry of catching the deadly coronavirus still sticks at the back of the community’s minds.

However, it’s important to know that this semester, the administration and their facilities are much more prepared to tackle any problems COVID-19 may offer the campus.

Christine Johnston, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Alcohol & Other Drug Education and Health Promotion at Springfield College, says that the 26 current positive cases should not be a cause for concern.

“I think we’re in a better spot to take care of students this semester,” said Johnston. “Unfortunately, a lot of those 26 have been students that live off campus, and therefore, they’re still counted in our data and are definitely still part of our Springfield College community; however, they don’t put the same pressure on the housing situation that we have in terms of housing our isolation students.

“And we’re doing great, in terms of contact. Those 26 people have done an amazing job at really trying to keep a small bubble, and so it’s not necessarily the number of cases we have, but the number of contacts that everybody has that can become a problem. Anybody can test positive, but I really just want to commend our students that have been doing such a great job at keeping a small bubble.”

As for anything else students can do to ensure their own safety and a successful, full-term and on-campus semester, Johnston wants to drive home the message of small groups. By only hanging out and spending time with the same people, every day, students will lessen the chance for a mass outbreak that could potentially end their time on-campus.

Photo Courtesy of Jack Margaros

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