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Welcome to Your Newspaper, Springfield College

Joe Brown - Editor-in-Chief (The Student File Photo)
Joe Brown – Editor-in-Chief
(The Student File Photo)

Joe Brown

Welcome back, Springfield College. It’s the start of another school year…or as I like to more appropriately say, “Let the craziness begin!”

That is not to say that the craziness is all bad. Sure, there is the course work, endless projects and hours of studying that one section that you just can’t seem to get right, but it is the moments of unbridled joy in between these laborious hours that become cemented in our minds forever.

College is about preparing students for the future job market, but to label it as simply that, a tool to prepare young adults to get a job, is doing it an enormous disservice. College is more than that. It is about shaping people as individuals. It is about defining who we are and who we want to become, and merging the two into a perfect blend. It is just as much about learning in the classroom as it is about learning outside of it. Whether we are working hard during the week or hardly working on weekends, it all comes together to shape us. Every moment of college is a defining factor in our lives.

It is for this reason that we at The Springfield Student exist. As a student-run newspaper, our only purpose is to serve you, the reader, by sharing these precious moments. If you find no reason to read our work, then we have no reason to be publishing it.

One of the great misconceptions about newspapers is that news belongs to the newspaper. It’s as if newspapers believe that they have a monopoly on the news, that they somehow own it. On the contrary, I believe that news belongs to the readers. We as a staff don’t create it. You bring the news to us.

At the student newspaper, we make it our goal to cover a variety of stories. On the news side, there will be an inevitable group of breaking stories, along with  alumni features, articles about club-run events, and fashion and movie columns to name a few. For our sports section, you will likely see extensive game coverage of sporting events, feature stories on athletes and coaches alike, and a special section reserved for athletes of the week. If it’s interesting, we make it our goal to write about it.

Even though I am serving as Editor-in-Chief, this is not my paper. As a wide-eyed freshman who was granted the opportunity to contribute to the newspaper right away, I remember looking at the editor-in-chief in awe and thinking, “In a few years, maybe I’ll get to run the paper like that guy.” To my naïve mind, that was the way things worked. The editor-in-chief was the man. The newspaper was his to control.

Now that I actually find myself in that role, I’ve discovered that as Editor-in-Chief, I do not run the paper. Instead, I merely manage its moving parts. The real owners of this newspaper are you. You control what we produce.

So I encourage you, make this newspaper your own. If you want to see a story covered, submit that idea to us at thescstudent1910@gmail.com any time throughout the year. We are always looking for new and exciting stories to share about this wonderful institution that serves as our home away from home.

Springfield College is truly a place teeming with stories just waiting to be told. We live on a campus that is vibrant and alive with character. My hope for this newspaper is that it can captivate and enthrall you with this campus’ stories, all the while keeping you informed and entertained along the way. So grab a paper each Thursday evening anywhere around campus, check us out at scstudentmedia.com, or keep up with us on our Facebook or Twitter. And whatever you do, hang on, because it’s going to be one fun ride.

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