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Wellness Days serve as alternative to Spring Break

By Chris Gionta

As it has been established for several weeks, there will not be a Spring Break at Springfield College in the spring semester of 2021. Rather than the traditional week where it is required to stay off campus except in certain circumstances, students and faculty will be getting three different days off throughout the semester. 

These days will be Wednesday, Feb. 24; Wednesday, March 10; and Friday, April 2. To ensure that no classes will be disproportionately affected, classes on March 9 will be running on a Wednesday schedule, and Monday, May 3 will run on a Friday schedule.

The change is being put in place this semester in order to reduce the chance of a COVID outbreak on campus. Theoretically, removing a spring break will reduce the travel that students/faculty do away from campus.

“It definitely makes sense,” said sophomore Daniel Curren. “Last semester obviously didn’t end the way we wanted it to, and a lot of the cases that caused us to leave early came in the weeks after Columbus Day Weekend, where a lot of students went home and presumably got it at home and brought it back to campus.”

Curren also added, “The school is trying to limit people going home and I totally get that.”

Spring semester of college is known for spring break, so it may take some adjusting for some students.

“If I’m being honest, I think it’s kind of weird how we’re gonna have all these extra days sporadically throughout the semester,” said sophomore Alex Ricard. “I honestly think it would benefit more if it was a week off like usual. But, I guess because of COVID and everything they think it’s better for us to have these days sporadically throughout the semester.”

This semester, students and faculty will not be going on a getaway trip in the middle of March like they usually would be able to. Rather, they will have to make the most out of those Wednesdays and that one Friday.

Speaking about how he planned to use the days off, Ricard said, “I’ll be using it to go to the gym, play some basketball, watch TV and hang out with some friends.”

Curren explained, “It’ll be like another weekend day.”

The past eleven months have forced many adjustments, and the upcoming semester at Springfield College will be no different. 

Photo: Jack Margaros/The Student

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