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What to Wear for an Interview

Taylor Hassa

Layout Editor


This year is quickly coming to a close and for the seniors the real world is right around the corner.

Last Thursday the college held a career fair in Blake Arena where students could get dressed up and hand out their resumes.

It was a really great opportunity, especially for the graduating class. We got to dress like grown ups and work on our interviewing skills. A lot of the students presented themselves and their skills in ways that earned them interviews.

Getting an interview is such a rewarding feeling until the excitement wears off and you realize you have no idea what you are going to do once the interview actually gets here.

What should you wear? Hair up, or hair down? Pantyhose, or no pantyhose? Heels, or flats? Skirt, or pants? What purse do you carry? Do you even carry a purse?

The never-ending list of questions just continuously runs through your mind because one wrong move and you could screw the whole thing up.

Just sit back and relax, I am here and will lend a helping hand. For starters, you want to be comfortable in whatever you go to interview in. If you aren’t confident in what you are wearing it will show during your interview.

As a girl it is important to look feminine but not sexy. You can wear a pencil skirt, dress or even dress pants with a cute shirt and nice blazer on top. Just be sure that your dress or skirt is an appropriate length.

You should also wear pantyhose if your legs are going to be exposed because it is a classier look. As for the feet, heels are a nice touch but they have to be an appropriate height and again, office appropriate.

The top is pretty easy, just find a cute blouse that has an appropriate neckline and a blazer that is cut right for your body and makes you feel pretty.

All of these things can be found at a Marshalls or TJ Max. These two stores are great because they sell a lot of interchangeable pieces so you can spend less and make multiple outfits.

Another important thing to remember when interviewing is to keep the jewelry mild, a simple watch and maybe a bracelet, nothing too flashy. If you show up with ridiculously expensive jewelry they’re going to think you clearly don’t really need the job or that they can’t afford you.

So just go in there and be you in your fancy work clothes and high heels. It is a scary process, but they called you in for an interview for a reason. You have something special to offer the world, now go and prove it.

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